PG&E and AT&T completed the design and construction activities of the Underground Utility District for its respective facilities.

An Underground Utility District (UUD) is a defined area where overhead wires are relocated to underground facilities, utility poles are removed, and future wiring, if any, is required to be installed underground.

On April 6, 2010, the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors established the Lower Sacramento Road UUD, No. 33 at a public hearing. The UUD will extend from the Harney Lane curve south to Eight Mile Road.

The UUD will improve vehicle safety in the project area by eliminating utility poles. Other benefits include:

The relocation of utilities underground is mostly funded by PG&E and AT&T as mandated by the California Public Utility Commission. Minor additional costs have been accounted for in the Lower Sacramento Road Improvement Project budget.

The Department of Public Works staff held an informal public meeting and met one-on-one with several property owners to discuss the UUD, its benefits and impacts. Property owners within the UUD area received a UUD information sheet and a notice about the April 6th public hearing where they could ask questions and make comments.